Upcoming Courses

The following courses contain live cook-alongs  and therefore are only available from a specific date.
You can still join the courses after the course went live with access to the tutorial and the recorded live cook along!

All Available Courses

You can take the following courses anytime. The cook-alongs have been recorded and are available in respective course sections.

  • A plant-based diet is a way of eating that celebrates plant foods and focuses on consuming foods in their most natural form. While it also encourages to cuts out less...more
    Course Difficulties: Beginner
    Course Tags: healthy, vegan, veggie
  • We’re offering visitors the opportunity to try out Kevin’s Daily Cook-alongs. Each Day at 2pm we’ll be coming to live from Dunbrody House where Kevin will be taking you through...more
    Course Difficulties: Beginner
    Course Tags: Cook-along, Live
  • Everyone loves a BBQ! I’ve put together a number of tutorials and lessons to help you become a master of the outdoor spatula this summer. What better way to mix...more
    Course Difficulties: Beginner
  • It is great to be able to welcome you into my online kitchen where we are sharing recipes and tricks of the trade with you.  So now lets get ready...more
    Course Difficulties: Beginner
  • Heart-warming dishes without all the fuss of washing up countless pots!   Learn how to make your delicious and full of flavour one-pot dish and slow cooker dishes the star of...more
  • This new online course is all about curries from around the world. I love a good curry not just on Friday but any night of the week – be it...more
    Course Difficulties: Beginner
    Course Tags: Chinese, Currey, Indian, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai
  • This special online course is all about Christmas celebration with cooking, baking and entraining with 11 pre-recorded video tutorials and 2 recorded cook-along to give you confidence on preparing a...more
    Course Difficulties: Beginner
    Course Tags: christmas dinner, thanks giving dinner
  • This course is all about using amazing Aga cookers. I love mine they are always centre part of the kitchen but i hear often from guests in the hotel that...more
    Course Difficulties: Beginner
    Course Tags: Aga cooker, Upcoming
  • Air Frying is gaining so much popularity.  But there’s still a lot of confusion as to how it differs from pressure cookers, deep fat fryer, acti-fry, and conventional oven cooking....more
    Course Difficulties: Beginner
    Course Tags: air fryer, healthy