One-Pot Wonder and Slow Cooker


Heart-warming dishes without all the fuss of washing up countless pots!  

Learn how to make your delicious and full of flavour one-pot dish and slow cooker dishes the star of the show where one dish can be the inspiration for many other variations… such as one-pan pasta dishes, slow cooked smoked apple brisket, amazing coq au vin, slow cooker fudgy chocolate pudding and desserts such as Tarte Tatin! 

this course run over 7 days with 7 pre-recorded recipe tutorial with extra recipes of the day, 2 interactive cook-along on Tuesday (5pm) and Thursday (8.30 am and 5pm) , an E-booklet at the end of the week to download and access to my repertoire of thousands of recipes. 

If you buy this course after the live version, you can still enjoy all the tutorial and recorded cook along for the year from the date of purchase

Course Length


Starts on

Monday, 13, September, 2021



Single 7 Day Course


This course includes