Air Fryer Secrets


Air Frying is gaining so much popularity.  But there’s still a lot of confusion as to how it differs from pressure cookers, deep fat fryer, acti-fry, and conventional oven cooking.

In this course, we have each day a sampling of recipes and techniques using my favourite brands of air fryers “Ninja”. although every air fryers are built on the same principle, they may differ slightly on the cooking time and temperature accuracy! Don’t worry too much about it, practice make it better! it is similar to brands of ovens or cooking with gas or induction in a kitchen ! so it is all about trying and testing with me over the next week!

 As usual, the course has 2 live recorded cooking sessions. You can watch the pre recorded tutorials on your own time and as many times as you want for 1 year from the purchase of the course, and the live cook along are also available to re watch as many time as you want from the moment they have been published!

 Have a sampling of our tutorial day one for free below.

Course Length

7 Days



Starts on

Monday, 11, April, 2022



Single 7 Day Course


7 daily recorded lessons

2 pre recorded live cook-alongs

Access to this course only for 1 year

All recipes relating to the course

This course includes