All about Aga Cookers


This course is all about using amazing Aga cookers. I love mine they are always centre part of the kitchen but i hear often from guests in the hotel that they are not using them as much as they would love as they are not sure of how to use it.

During this week-long course with a 1.30-hour long pre-recorded live recorded cook-along, you will be able to watch 7 pre-recorded tutorials on how to use the different ovens and tops of your aga whether you have an electric, gas or older burners on charcoal. They are all built to work the same using the radiant heat to help you create fantastic meals from the very perfect crispiness or low heat for the perfect slow-cooked ribs or meringues!

The live cooking and tutorial have been recorded and are available to watch on your own time for 1 year from the purchase of the course. Have a sampling of our tutorial day one for free below.

Course Length



Starts on

Monday, 7, February, 2022



Single 7 Day Course


This course includes

Day 1 – Monday – all about the basics of Aga cookers

Day 2 – Tuesday – Using the Boiling Stove Top on the Aga

Day 3 – Wednesday – Using the Simmering stove top on the Aga

Day 4 Thursday – Using the High Heat ( Roasting) oven on the Aga

Day 4 – Cook-along recorded live

Day 5 – Friday – using the Medium Heat (Baking) Oven 

Day 6 – Saturday – Using the Low Heat ( simmering) Oven on Aga

Day 7 – Sunday – Baking in Aga’s 3 ovens

Downloadable E-booklet